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I am one of those stranger who "get it"....
August 21, 2009
From Caringbridge Guestbook:
FRIDAY, AUGUST 21, 2009 6:54 PM, CDT
Hi Gina, I am one of those "strangers" you mentioned...but I do feel like I know you a little bit because I follow your CB = ]  I wanted to say thank you, as many others have, for being so forward about your message.  I do not feel threatened at all; rather, I feel motivated, almost like you are my mommy telling me to get my booty working on something I should have done a long time ago...and I mean that in a great, wonderful way = ]  I am 19, and three weeks ago my dad left this world after a 10 month battle with pancreatic cancer.  He was a wonderful man, and one way that seeped into his actions was in his life-giving blood donations, which he did faithfully to the day.  I don't know that he ever missed a day...he always wrote in his planner the next time he was eligible to donate, and then he would be at the center on that day.  That was one of his greatest heart-breaks when he found out he had cancer...that he could no longer donate.  He was going for the world record in donations. In honor of him, and because of your motivation, I am giving for the first time this week.  I regret that it has taken this much to push me to do so.  I am also preparing to join the bone marrow registry.  I say "preparing" because I, too, have come to hate ignorance (and it seems to be prevalant in this generation), and I want to truly understand what I am doing and who I will be serving by joining.  I WILL be joining, though, so no worries...
= ]  Through your writings, you have helped me understand people better.  I have learned some ways to better handle the grief of others, as well as my own.  I NEVER say the words "I understand" anymore, because you have taught me that NO ONE can understand tragedy like the victim.  You have touched my heart, softened it toward families and children undergoing horrific illness, and now I am going to nursing school.  I hope to be a positive light in the hell many families face in the hospital setting as their children suffer.  Anyway, sorry for the long message...THANK YOU for being honest and for spreading your passion.  
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