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In Honor of Evan 2/2
November 27, 2009
 Via email

Hi Gina :)

I know it's been a long time since you've heard from me, but just wanted you to know that you & your family are still and forever present in my heart. I continue reading your CB journal every time you post, and have also done my part in Evan's honor by giving blood & getting swabbed. 

 I also wanted you to know that James had to do a report for English on someone in his life that has passed on and he chose to do the report on Evan. He also had to do an "altar" in memory of this person (made in a shoebox). I'm attaching a copy of the report and a picture of the altar he created (front & back). When reading his report, I was intrigued by the things he remembered, like Evan's voice & hair :) For the "altar", James said he "put the big pic of Evan in the middle of the water, because that's where he is". Anyway, just wanted to share this 6th grade boy's memory of your precious Evan who will continue to be with us forever. Hope you like it.

Much love,

Kelly P

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