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Evan has found his way to Nor Cal!!
September 26, 2009
So here is a story for the books: I didn't explain it as well as I should have  the other day when we talked, but after your visit, you were famous in our lab. Your Mother's Quest Video was playing on multiple computers in multiple rooms, for weeks. The Lab members who were not at the meeting, watched and were shown, and most people took your video and words of inspiration home to show to extended family and to make them aware and sign them up also.

One of the youngest in the Lab Matt who is also referred to as Matty (who is part of the CB group but don't think you have met in person); he can not be a donor, and he is upset with himself and absolutely heart broken about it. We spent hours over the summer discussing, how we both are limited, how we both do not know what the future holds, but right now is what matters. He is very smart and is making scientific advances constantly. After long summer nights of working late together alone in the Lab, he had something to declare. He said, "You know how I am going to be a hero, and join Evan's entourage, by donating my mind to finding cures, and preventing pain!!". from then on out if anyone from the lab would disrupt him while working he would hold up his forearm with his Evan's Bracelet (lol like it was his police badge), and say "I am working hard for Evan, I can't talk now. My brain is a organ too, and it is not sick".

Now I should have told you this story much much sooner because Matty is amazing, Loving guy, and Evan's vibrancy comes to work through Matt every day!

We love your cause, We Love your Son, We Love you, and We love your entire Family!!!

I have pictures on my phone that I wanted to send with this but gosh darn it I can't upload them so have to try when I don't have a pounding headache. Just thought it was important for you to know that a day, nor a second goes by that your boy isn't creating change, in our lab alone.

With love,
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