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April 01, 2009

Be A Hero Become A Donor Foundation
One Month Later...

We are thrilled at the response to our newly launched website, but I did warn you that we were still under construction and expect to be for the duration.   One thing that will be added in the next coming weeks is our “blog”, where you communicate with one another, asking questions about being a donor or running donor drives, commenting on amazing stories, etc.  I really feel this is the missing link to making our site more user friendly and interactive.

"Retreat for Grieving Mothers"
Join us during the week of May 18-24 at Faith's Lodge in Webster, Wisconson. Consider joining us for a few days or the entire week of companionship, support and healing for mothers who have lost a child, no matter how long ago, no matter what age, no matter what circumstances.  This is an opportunity to sit with your grief, alone or with others, to contemplate life and begin to heal.  Scholarships are available for housing, as well as help with airfare, and transportation from the Twin Cities area.  Please share this with your friends and contact us for more info. We must have your commitment by April 15.

“Keep Hope Alive at the 2009 Wildflower Triathlon: An Opportunity to Be a Match and Save a Life”

Here is an article written by a women who is my mentor and dear friend, though we have never met in person.  We are two mother’s to be reckoned with, two mothers who have lost their boys, she from not finding that “donor” to give son HOPE, and I am mother who had the HOPE.  We both are committed to making sure every single one of you have the HOPE of a donor by doing our part to raise awareness, education, as well as provide opportunities for others to join the National Marrow Donor Program.  Please take the time to read Angela’s words.

“Hero of the Month”

Be sure to read about our April “Hero”, Brooke Maushund, 13.  You will see that age did not hold this teenager back from making a difference in this world!!
Read Brooke’s Story

“See Who’s Making A Difference”

While this is located on Blogspot and has the capability of being a blog, it is simply a great place to go and read about individuals who have joined Evan’s Entourage and are giving HOPE to patients and families in need in their own way.  Every week I hear stories from people whose lives are changed because of Evan and all the children that have been part of our journey. Share your story, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you, it may motivate another to: have a better perspective on life, do something they never would have dreamed of being part of, or simply allow themselves to love a little more.
Read our Updated Stories

“Register for Updates”  

I really do suggest you do register for updates.  This will allow us to better inform you of things that interest you on our site. I have yet to send an update, so no worries that you will get inundated with emails from us.  And if you do feel like you want to unsubscribe, no worries, just send us an email and we will remove you from the list.
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“Inspired by Others”

We continue to add individuals we have met on our journey who  have motivated us to "give HOPE" to others.  While there are a few good people still missing, you will be able to connect with almost 100 individuals whose lives were turned upside by a very unexpected diagnosis or accident.  You will find next to their name their diagnosis, and whether they were/will be treated by a Bone Marrow Transplant.  If your story is located in this section, please consider writing a few words to introduce yourself to our readers to help them get to know you better. While we are totally capable of sharing your story ourselves, the time it would take to do so takes away our efforts from the rest of the site.  
Please Share Your Words Here.
Read About Our Inspirations


We are looking for a few committed volunteers across the nation, and in particular, in California and Minnesota.  We are getting ready to run 8 donor drives in 3 days, and this cannot have happened without volunteers.  PLEASE consider being part of our cause to "give HOPE to patients and families in need" by helping us raise awareness and educate the nation in terms of donation of all capacities and provide opportunities to get do so.  Students and groups in need of "service hours" can fulfill these by joining our efforts. By efforts of more than a dozen volunteers, we were able to bring 129 new registrants to the National Marrow Donor Program in the month of March alone.  Please Contact Us for more information about volunteering in your area.

“Do something Amazing because you Believe in our Cause”

First, here is my request for the month of April, which happens to be “Donate Life” month.  Go to the Donate Life website and consider committing to the organ, tissue, and/or eye registry in your state.  While ignorance is bliss, education allows empowerment so that you can make a logical decision whether YOU want to get involved.  No coersion here!

Secondly, pass our website on to you email list, your Facebook Friends (cause- Be A Hero Become A Donor: BAHBAD.Org), Twitter and My Space friends.

Lastly, we have a “Mothers’ Day” fundraiser going on, so while we are all feeling the effects of the economy no matter where we are in the world, we still want to give a special gift to the special women in our lives. You can do so easily, inexpensively, and 100% of the profits will benefit the Marrow Foundation c/o Evan’s Entourage, so that we can alleviate the “fee factor” and fund committed donors who cannot afford the $52 fee associated with joining the registry. View  Silpada Designs catalog online though May 10th to place your order.

Realize, while it is much easier to sit back and watch the world go by, each one of us has the ability to be part of amazing efforts to help others.  Please consider joining the BAHBAD Foundation and help us "give HOPE to patients and families in need".

Don't compare your life to others.  You have no idea what their journey is all about.

Thanks for being part of our journey, Evan's Mom
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