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March 01, 2009

Be A Hero Become A Donor Weekly Newsletter Updates
What a week it has been....

Hopefully, you have found our website easy to navigate, as well as useful.  While there is good content at the moment, I will share that the bulk of the instructional content is to come.  So many have expressed an interest in knowing the "How To's" of setting up and running a donor drive.  At this time, we are working on an AV version, so with a click, you will be able to watch the "ABC's" of putting together a drive.  I also had the very emotional privilege of helping eight amazing individuals, 4 adults and 4 children, share their donor and recipient stories on video.  We will have these for your viewing in the next week or so.  These stories are critical for swaying those individuals who cannot imagine being a donor (I'm Afraid!!) or don't understand the need (7 million people on the registry, why do they need me).  This has been made possible by our partnership with the Orange County Fire Authority, whom has acknowledged it is their "social responsibility" to help raise awareness to our causes. We just got approval from the Anaheim Ducks that they will be showing our first PSA, made with the OCFA, on their two TV affiliates, KDOC and FOX.  All because we knew someone who committed to the cause and had the power to make it happen. You can view this PSA on the BAHBAD Home Page. 

A few things to note on the site:

"Hero of the Month"
If you haven't read about our hero, Mark Rodriguez, you need to.  See how one individual decided to make a difference in this world because of one little boy named Evan Cousineau.
Read Mark's Story

"See Who's Making A Difference"
We just added several additional stories to our blog.  While most are on the first page, some "new" stories are mixed into the older ones, so be sure to scroll all the way down and click on "older posts" so you don't miss any.  We are hopeful that these stories will motivate you to make the move to "get involved" in some capacity, whether you copy an idea (why reinvent the wheel?) or tweak things for your situation. Don't forget that you can email a story directly to a friend, or comment on a story. Instructions on how to use the blog are located on the right side.
Read Our Updated Blog

"Register For Updates"
While for the entire month of March we will send this newsletter out to our entire mailing list, beginning on April 1, the only way you will get updates on the BAHBAD website will be to "register" on the site itself by clicking those words on the top or bottom of the home page.  You can make a decision to be notified of particular things, but if you click on "send me Weekly Newsletter", you can be rest assured you will know not miss out on anything new on our site.

"inspired By Others"
We spent over 12 hours this week updating this section to include the individuals we have met on our journey who  have motivated us to "give HOPE" to others.  While there are a few good people still missing, you will be able to connect with almost 100 individuals whose lives were turned upside by a very unexpected diagnosis or accident.  You will find next to their name, their diagnosis, and whether they were/will be treated by a Bone Marrow Transplant.  If your story is located in this section, please consider writing a few words to introduce yourself to our readers to help them get to know you better. While we are totally capable of writing sharing your story ourselves, the time it would take to do so takes away our efforts from the rest of the site.  Please Share Your Words Here.
Read About Our Inspirations

We are looking for a few committed volunteers across the nation, and in particular, in California and Minnesota.  This week we ran 8 donor drives in 4 days, and this could not have happened without volunteers.  PLEASE consider being part of our cause to "give HOPE to patients and families in need" by helping us raise awareness and educate the nation in terms of donation of all capacities.  Students and groups in need of "service hours" can fulfill these by joining our efforts. By efforts of more than two dozen volunteers, we were able to bring 179 new registrants to the National Marrow Donor Program in the month of February alone.  Please Contact Us for more information about volunteering in your area.

"Select Your Baby's Health, Not Eye Color"
One of the goals of the BAHBAD website is to expose and educate our readers to topics that are potentially controversial.  While it is not our goal to "defend" a concept, we do want our readers to "look beyond" their first impressions about a topic and realize that their are "exceptions to every rule". That until you are the one that might have to make that exception, you should remain open-minded.  There is much information to be deciphered, and we will continue to provide poignant reading materials to help you broaden your horizons.  The newest article placed in the "news and features" section, "Select Your Baby's Health, Not Eye Color" is an opinion written by a father whose son was in need of a future BMT because of a potentially fatal disease, and had the ability of having another child who could be that child's perfect match and provide life.  Again, you can have your own opinion about what you would do if this was your child, but until you walk in that parent's shoes, all bets are off.  Read this father's words and open your mind for the possibilities that modern medical science have made available in our lifetime.
News and Features

Realize, while it is much easier to sit back and watch the world go by, each one of us has the ability to be part of amazing efforts to help others.  Please consider joining the BAHBAD Foundation and help us "give HOPE to patients and families in need".

Have a beautiful week, Evan's Mom
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