Be a Hero, Become a Donor Newsletter
November 25, 2010

So thankful to our HEROS for your commitment
From the Be A Hero Become A Donor Foundation

Whatever your commitment has been to us, be it becoming a donor, helping fund our foundation's efforts, volunteering, and/or helping spread awareness to our efforts, we are soooo THANKFUL for you.

We cannot do this without you.  We are still in need of help, and I am going to take this opportunity to list the things we need to continue our "lifesaving" efforts in hopes that today you may want to do a little more:

1.  Funding, this continues to the crux of our existence, making sure we have the funds to place people on the marrow registry and run the foundation.  While it costs $100 to add a committed individual to the registry, it is virtually impossible to educate, empower, and sign that person up, then ask them to pay their fee.  We, our foundation, is committed to taking that "fee factor" away for our potential donors by fund raising away from our donor events.  If your group, business, school, club, etc would like to do a "Dollars for Donors" event for us, a bake sale, movie night, car wash, dance, lemonade stand, some kind of sports tourney, etc,  raising a $100 dollars or $10,000 dollars, we would be so appreciative for your efforts.  And/or, with the end of year coming, if you are considering making a end of year contribution to a worthy cause, please consider our non-profit group.  Donate

2. Volunteers, we cannot exist without volunteers.  We are not looking for full time volunteers, but simply ask you to consider coming out to donor events, a few times a month or year, to help us empower individuals.  This is absolutely our greatest need. Most of our events happen during the week, during the day, so this limits those who can help, but please, especially if you have NEVER joined us, "try it, you'll like it".  Taking an individual from "no way, I heard it's painful" to "look at your swabbing your cheek", is an amazing feeling.  Most of our events happen in Orange County and surrounding areas, so if you want to be added to our email list to be notified monthly about our events, please let me know. ginac@bahbad.org

We can also provide service activities on your own time, such as putting together swab kits, computer input, and such. Great for high school students.

3. Part Time Job Opportunities, we do know now that the commitment from a volunteer is often not enough, as I will share the majority of time these volunteers are NO SHOWS, which is a huge problem when trying to run donor events.  So, we are looking to hire "Event Leaders" who will trained to run events.  These committed, outgoing individuals must be able to share the messaging, manage volunteers, run an drive on their own if vols don't show, and set up/tear down an event. These events vary every month, but we know about these events well ahead of time so you can plan your schedule.  This would be a great opp of graduated college students, who are in limbo, perhaps serving at night, and available during the day, and wanting to make some money as well as be apart of our lifesaving cause. If you or someone you know might be a good fit, please contact me at ginac@bahbad.org

4.  Interns, we are ready to take on interns who are interested in getting experience with an non-profit for college credit. Please contact us if interested.

Enjoy this season of thanksgiving and keep life in perspective.

Evan's Mom Gina
Executive Director of the Be A Hero Become A Donor Foundation
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