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April 24, 2011

Volunteers and Donors needed at CSUF
April "Life Saving" Opportunity

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Hi CSUF Students and Facility, 

We will be at CSUF starring Tuesday-Thursday this week April 26-28, from 9am-3pm, for a blood drive and marrow registry in the Pavillon at Titan Student Center, and would love to have your help. 

Not only do we need donors, but we are also in need of volunteers to help us with the "marrow registry" aspect of the event, so please consider spending a few hours tomorrow.  No experience necessary, just the desire to empower your community with the concept of saving lives.

Please "LIKE" our Facebook page and help us spread the word to the CSUF community.  And please consider making a FB event for these on campus events and invite your friends to come out to save lives by joining the marrow registry as well as donating blood.

If you would like to volunteer or have questions, email me at ginac@bahbad.org or call/text me at 949/842-9975.  Be sure to find the "Marrow Table" within the blood drive , as we are separate from the Red Cross, and they are situated with their volunteers.

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Thanks Gina
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