Be a Hero, Become a Donor Newsletter
March 14, 2010

Thanks for asking us to contact you about volunteer opportunities....
We would love your help to inspire others to "recycle their bodies"!!

Hi Bilal,

I am following up with your request to be contacted about volunteering with us in the future, but more importantly because you indicated that you might have a possible donor drive opportunity or venue in your community.

You shared that you were interested in hosting an event at your Mosque and empowering your Islamic community. 
As you know from when you joined the registry, there are so many misconceptions about the marrow donation, that it takes people like you and I to help spread that awareness, properly educate, and then provide opportunities for people to "give HOPE to patients in need" by joining the Be The Match Marrow Registry.

Please contact me with any ideas you might have.  And thank you!!
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