Be a Hero, Become a Donor Newsletter
October 01, 2010

Saddleback Students
Thanks for "saving lives" with us

Congratulations to John Almanza, who won our raffle for two Regal movie tickets. Please email us with your address so we can mail off to you.

And just a quick note to say "thanks" to all of you who joined  the Be The Match Marrow Registry at Saddleback two weeks ago.   We are thankful that you took the time to hear the message and embrace this worldwide cause and together were able to bring 95 new potential donors to the registry.

We are encouraging our new marrow registrants to join our facebook group at

Some of you told us you were interested in volunteering in some capacity with our foundation.  At this point, if you checked "volunteer", we will only contact you when we are at Saddleback College, but if you are interested in doing more with us, please contact me at ginac@bahbad.org.  We would love to show you how you can be part of giving HOPE to patients in need by encourage individuals to "recycle their bodies" by sharing their vital resources.

The American Red Cross is on campus monthly, with a mobile, in parking lot 1, so please keep that in mind when you reach 56 days between blood donations.  We would love to run marrow drives at each blood drive, but we simply do not the man power to do so, so if your student group would like to "host" a donor event, let me know.

Other areas that you might be interested in participating:
-Donor Event Volunteer
-Fundraising (as you might recall, there is a $100 fee to join the registry. While someone paid your fee to join, we are trying to pay it forward and raise funds for future donor events.)
-Grant writer
-Publicity (help us spread the word with social networking, newspapers, internet, etc.)
-Community Service Hours available for all your efforts
-Do you have a possible donor drive opportunity/venue (work, church, school, etc.)
-Office Work (we have swab kits that need to be put together, computer input, etc.)
-Internship opportunities available with our non-profit
-Other talents that can benefit our foundation, videographer, photographer, social networking experts, etc.
-Need Saddleback students to help us connect to student groups on campus

Please visit our website at www.BeAHeroBecomeADonor.Org and watch our family's personal story:  A Mother's Quest at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jK4Q2aX753E.

Thanks Gina Cousineau
Executive Director and Evan's Mom
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