Hero of the Month
Brooke Maushund, Our Hero

Brooke Maushund, 13, is a 8th grader who lives in Trabuco Canyon, CA with her parents and older brother. She is in her last year at Las Flores Middle School and looks forward to heading to Tersoro High School in the Fall. I don't have a clear remembrance of when Brooke came to us on our CB site, but I will never forget her words or her signature, as back then it read Brooke Maushund, Trabuco Canyon, 12. We knew back then she was a special person, but now that she is a big part of our life, we now know the depth of her wonderful being. We should all be blessed to know a human being like her. Humbling words from our HERO.... I heard about Evan's Journey through my mom's friend. I started following his Caringbridge soon after I heard about his fight around October '07, got educated about the bone marrow donation process, and read the past journal entries to read Evan's full journey. One day after learning about all the steps it took to donate, and the procedure involved, my science teacher gave our then 7th grade class a lecture on the topic. She went into detail about the doctors stabbing and drilling, and how painful it was. After knowing the facts, I had to tell my friends that that wasn't the truth. So, I called out my science teacher. After that, I was really and truely motivated to educate more people about the registry. Then in March '08, while I was running the Los Angeles Marathon on my school's running team, Evan was my inspiration to get through it. At Mile 22, called "The Wall" as its a long bridge that most people give up on, I thought about quitting for the first time. I had hurt my knee, it was hot, and I was away from anyone on my team. As I was about to stop, I thought about Evan. A little amazing 9 year old who went through so much he didn't even chose to go through and remained strong. So I sprinted for the next 4.2 miles. And made it to the finish line. Because of Evan. After telling Gina these 2 stories via CB, we wanted to meet. So I met Gina a few weeks later at a swim meet at the local high school, and she gave me all the information I needed to prepare for a drive (along with one of the biggest hugs I've ever recieved). I tried multiple times to get a bone marrow or even blood drives done at my school and church, but got turned down. So I started going along with Gina to a drive here and there, really learning so much about the NMDP. I joined the local water polo team even, after hearing about the sport through stories on Caringbridge. (I remain on that team today, and love it). During the summer of 2008, I went to every single drive I possibly could. I was estatic because of the concept. If even one out of the herd of people I signed up during those few monthes got chosen, I had helped save a life. A 13 year-old. So I kept pushing through every drive until the end of summer, having some good times with my new friends, the Cousineaus, along the way. Then, the BAH BAD Foundation started to get outlined, and I attempted to get my school on the band wagon, hopeful because of a new principal. I was told that the school would love to have a drive and to correspond over email. Well push came to shove and no luck. So next year i plan to finish the BAH BAD Club at my high school, Tesoro. And then, my family got involved. My mom, a fluent spanish-speaker, started to help translate at some diverse donor drives. We even translated the montage together (no better way to bond than to solve a bilingual puzzle). So fast forward a few monthes, and here I am. Surfing all the time with my good friend Alaina, biking with my pal Derek, hanging around the Cousineau house more often than my own, and saving lives with my family. So what else do you have in store for me Evan? Brooke's Favorite Quote found on her Facebook page: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." -Margaret Mead
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